We set up Carraracoon Cattery in 2018. Starting with Phoebe who was a rescue and our pet, we quickly fell in love with the breed and became interested in breeding ourselves. Shortly afterwards I met a wonderful breeder locally who kindly spent the time educating me on the importance of health testing, the right environment for kittens to be raised in and what to look for in the lines that I breed. Tinkerbelle joined us as my queen and has had two wonderful litters, where I have Agatha and Christie who I'm looking to breed from this year. At the end of 2019 Claude and Pascale joined us from France from wonderful catteries and we are very excited about their future offspring. To complete the 'gang' we have the wonderful Oleg, who unfortunately we won't be breeding from but is everybody's best friend!

The lines we breed are and will be Tabby, Blue and Black smoke, they are raised in a family house complete with golden retrievers who are happy to be used as climbing frames and my daughter who is less enthusiastic about that bit but who handles them from early on so they have the best start they can. 

This year we have expanded our outdoor area so both the girls and boys have a garden of their own which is completely safe and enables them to chase butterflies and lie in the sun. The girls also have their own nursery which is quiet, safe and secure.

We love the kittens as if they're all staying with us and believe these cats make the most wonderful pets for families that will take the time to treat them in the manner they are accustomed!  



Outside Space

It was really important to me that all our cats have space outside to relax, take in the sun and play. Early in 2020 we had built a fantastic garden space for both the boys and girls, giving them inside/outside access. I've planted up some additional cat friendly plants and some logs to play on and will look at new ways to give them entertainment as time goes on. Perhaps a water feature next as we all know how much Maine Coons love a fountain!



Inside Space

The girls and boys have separate living quarters as you'd expect, but both based around family life. The girls have a quiet nursery which also has a TV that my daughter likes to go in and watch with them and I use for pilates (reformer doubles up as a climbing frame) so they have company and cuddles through the day and evening. The boys share space with us (at least until they fully mature and then we'll ensure they have a space inside as well for regular cuddles).